Balranald Bakery and Cafe: “Fresh Bread In The Outback”


The small town of Balranald, approximately 1,000 inhabitants, lies in the west of New South Wales and is pretty much half way between Sydney and Adelaide, in South Australia.

As I only stop here for lunch, etc en route to Adelaide or back to Canberra (where I live) I have very little content on it to add to my blog at present. Continue reading “Balranald Bakery and Cafe: “Fresh Bread In The Outback””

Gundagai Bakery: “Pies and Delicious Date Scones”


It is hard to go anywhere nowadays which doesn’t claim to have the biggest this, the oldest that, the longest other and so on and so forth. Gundagai is no exception and its claim to fame is that it has Australia’s oldest continually operating bakery – the Historic Gundagai Bakehouse, more commonly referred to as the Gundagai Bakery. Continue reading “Gundagai Bakery: “Pies and Delicious Date Scones””

The Monument to the Great Fire – The Monument

336One of the most mementos events to take place in the history of London started in Thomas Farriner’s bakery in Pudding Lane on the morning of 2 September 1666. What occurred on this day and the three days following was to very literally change the face of London. The event to which I refer was, of course, the Great Fire of London. Continue reading “The Monument to the Great Fire – The Monument”