Tandanya Aboriginal Arts Centre


I had been meaning to visit Tandanya Aboriginal Arts Centre for a number of years and finally got around to it in December 2014.

What a disappointment. Continue reading “Tandanya Aboriginal Arts Centre”


Canberra Museum and Gallery


Located in the heart of the city, the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) is frequently overlooked by visitors who tend to, and with good reason, spend their limited time visiting the national galleries and museums, mostly located in the Parliamentary Triangle area. Continue reading “Canberra Museum and Gallery”

Gorman House Art Centre, Markets and Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Gorman House was constructed in 1925. At that time only it and the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings ( both still on Northbourne Avenue) existed in Civic – the embryonic commercial part of Canberra. The building was designed by John Smith Murdoch who also designed Old Parliament House and the Hotel Canberra (now the Hyatt). You can certainly see the similarities in design. Continue reading “Gorman House Art Centre, Markets and Canberra Contemporary Art Space”

The National Portrait Gallery – Heroes and Villains


The latest addition to the Parliamentary prescient and located next to the High Count of Australia and the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery was opened in 2008. In contrast to the High Court I find this building (as opposed to the art therein) more appealing on the outside than on the inside – the latter being rather pedestrian from a design perspective though eminently functional as a gallery which, of course, is its purpose. According to the Gallery’s website, the “building favours intimacy and connection in lieu of reverence and the monumental’. I’ll let you be the judge if that equates with my assessment of “rather pedestrian” in regards to the interior at least. Continue reading “The National Portrait Gallery – Heroes and Villains”