The Semaphore Palais


Notwithstanding a current and very welcome revival, Semaphore’s golden years as a seaside resort was undoubtedly the 1920s and so it was that in 1922 the Fricker Brothers constructed this building as a beach kiosk, bathing pavilion and dance hall – the Semaphore Palais & Cafe. While reports have it that two thirds of Adelaide’s population attended the opening of the Palais, this seems rather exaggerated though the crowd would have been big given the popularity of Semaphore at the time. Continue reading “The Semaphore Palais”


Niagara Cafe: “Food for Prime Ministers”

As a café owner, it’s not often that you hear a knock on the door just before midnight, after you have closed for the night, and upon opening the door you find the Prime Minister of Australia standing there begging to be fed and complaining of the cold. Continue reading “Niagara Cafe: “Food for Prime Ministers””

Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai


I have referred to a number of buildings in my other reviews principally because, in addition to them being aesthetically pleasing, they also have a story to tell.

As you walk down the main street there are a number of other buildings worthy, at least, a passing look. A couple, being purveyors of alcoholic beverages are worthy a closer examination if you are feeling thirsty, though they also serve decent food. Continue reading “Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai”


The Regent Arcade (Theatre)


A couple of doors down Rundle Mall (westwards) from the beautiful Victorian Adelaide Arcade is the Regent Arcade. Like the Adelaide Arcade, the Regent Arcade runs between, and connects, Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street.

A walk through the art deco Regent Arcade immediately brings one back to the roaring 20s. Or does it? Continue reading “The Regent Arcade (Theatre)”


Limestone Avenue – Have A Seat


You won’t find this in the guide books. While thousands of Canberrans drive past them daily I doubt if many people would even remember seeing them. I have never seen any one use them. Continue reading “Limestone Avenue – Have A Seat”


“Great Location” – Grace Hotel


If I were to pick a single hotel in Sydney as a favourite (taking cost into account) the Grace Hotel would be it. Continue reading ““Great Location” – Grace Hotel”


Terminus Hotel – Abandoned for Thirty Years


The last beer was pulled and the Terminus Hotel closed for business in 1984. Very oddly, given the popularity of the area, it has remained boarded up and apparently abandoned ever since. Continue reading “Terminus Hotel – Abandoned for Thirty Years”


The Grace Hotel – Great Location


If I were to pick a single hotel in Sydney as a favourite (taking cost into account) The Grace Hotel would be it. Continue reading “The Grace Hotel – Great Location”