The Konji-Ri Revolutionary Site

Earlier in the morning we had visited the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (note that the link is to my 2014 visit review) in Pyongyang, an amazing museum by any measure, with its focus on the history of what foreigners refer to as the Korean War. On completing our tour of the museum, we jumped on our bus and headed north, on a ‘field trip’, to visit one of the sites mentioned by our guides in the museum. Our destination was the Konji-Ri Revolutionary Site which was the headquarters of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) for much of the duration of the Korean War.

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The Cooma Cenotaph and Corey Memorial Plaque and Diorama

The Cenotaph, a grey granite obelisk, was unveiled on ANZAC day in 1926 to commemorate soldiers from the town and district lost in World War I. Due to a cost overrun, the memorial cost £1,050, there was insufficient funds remaining in the kitty to have the names of the missing soldiers inscribed on the obelisk. Almost half of the £1,050 was contributed by spectators at the Memorial’s opening. Continue reading “The Cooma Cenotaph and Corey Memorial Plaque and Diorama”

Kim Il-Sung’s 102nd Birthday Fireworks

Kim Il-sung’s Birthday Firworks

On the early evening of the Greater Leader’s 102nd birthday our group was in the Pyongyang Gold Lane Bowling alley. While most of the group were enjoying a game of bowls, some were having a drink and I was engaged in a deep and meaningful political discussion with our main guide. After bowls our (ok, not ours but rather the guides’) plan was to return to the hotel for dinner – it had been a long day. Continue reading “Kim Il-Sung’s 102nd Birthday Fireworks”