Adelaide Town Hall


This classically styled Victorian building, featuring Corinthian style ornamentation and built of local Tea Tree Gully freestone and Dry Creek bluestone, was designed by Edmund Wright, a former city mayor. The building opened in 1866 and was touted as the largest municipal building in the southern hemisphere at the time. In 1872, writer Anthony Trollope, who was touring Australia at the time, rated the building, and town halls he had seen in Australia generally, as greatly beating those in Britain at the time. Continue reading “Adelaide Town Hall”


Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai


I have referred to a number of buildings in my other reviews principally because, in addition to them being aesthetically pleasing, they also have a story to tell.

As you walk down the main street there are a number of other buildings worthy, at least, a passing look. A couple, being purveyors of alcoholic beverages are worthy a closer examination if you are feeling thirsty, though they also serve decent food. Continue reading “Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai”

Gerard & Goodman Pty Ltd.

41One of the nice things about getting around a city on foot is that you have the opportunity to explore nooks and crannies you might not otherwise see. So it was that en route between one sight and another I looked down Tavistock Lane and saw this rather rundown building with signage indicating ownership by Gerard & Goodman Pty Ltd. Given its state of disrepair, I surmised that it was another relic of Adelaide very limited industrial past, a case of signage remaining long after the demise of the company. Continue reading “Gerard & Goodman Pty Ltd.”