The Three Brothers


Tucked away in Mazā Pils iela you will find the Three Brothers – three Medieval to Baroque period houses, in a terrace like format. In medieval times houses at this location would have been on the outskirts of the city and home to craftsmen and their families. Today, the houses are home to the Latvian Museum of Architecture (No 19 – the centre house) and the State Inspectorate for Heritage Protection which you likely would not have cause to visit. Continue reading “The Three Brothers”

Juche Tower – The View from the Top

Eastwards Facing View

The Tower of the Juche Idea (Juche Tower) is one of the most important elements of Pyongyang’s iconography which all directly or indirectly glorify the life of the country’s modern day founder and Eternal President, Kim Il-sung. The Juche Tower celebrates the Great Leader’s Juche Idea of self reliance (see my main Juche Tower review for further detail).

The Tower is one of the most visible features in the city and you will see it regularly as you move (i.e. are brought) around the city. I think it is especially nice when lit up at night.

Anyway, you will want to climb it and you can do so. Continue reading “Juche Tower – The View from the Top”