A Royal Palace in the West End


Lest you think I have attached the wrong pictures to this review I should point out that this is not a palace in the real sense of the word. I will explain further, later in this review. This quaint, rather plain and indeed rather rundown looking clothes shop was formally a tearoom run by one of Adelaide’s most flamboyant sons – Albert Augustine (Bert) Edwards. Edwards, on the right, with one of his employees are depicted in my second picture, outside the tearooms as they were in 1912 – picture courtesy of the State Library of South Australia. Continue reading “A Royal Palace in the West End”

Kemal Ataturk Memorial


This Anzac Parade memorial, a crescent-shaped wall and five pillars derived from the symbol and star on the Turkish flag was dedicated on 25 April 1985 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. It honours Kemal Ataturk, commander of Turkish forces at Gallipoli and later the first president of modern Turkey, as well as the heroism and sacrifice of both the ANZAC and Turkish troops who took part in the campaign. Continue reading “Kemal Ataturk Memorial”

Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club Murals at the ANMM


In January 1921 an honour roll listing the names of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club members who had served and died during World War I was unveiled in the clubhouse. The Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club, based at Bondi Beach was the first surf life saving club in Australia, created in 1907, and is also, without doubt, the most famous in their red and yellow gear. Continue reading “Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club Murals at the ANMM”