The Path to Reconciliation


Running between the National Library and the High Court/National Gallery of Australia is an area of parkland given over to a series of artworks drawing on Aboriginal culture and history. Reconciliation Place, as the area is called, aims at reaffirming Australia’s shared history, from an Aboriginal perspective, and the nation’s commitment to reconciliation between Aboriginals and later settlers in Australia. Continue reading “The Path to Reconciliation”

‘Sorry’ – A Parliamentary Apology


The State of Victoria’s Aboriginal Protection Act 1869 included the earliest legislation authorising the removal of children from Aboriginal parents. Other states and territories soon followed suit.

These rather odd, by today’s standards, Acts were motivated by various things including a desire to protect children from neglect and abuse, a belief that Aboriginal people would die out given a significant decline in their numbers post contact with white people and the belief that full-blooded Aboriginal people resented miscegenation and the mixed-race children fathered and abandoned by white men. Continue reading “‘Sorry’ – A Parliamentary Apology”

Parliament House – Canberra


For me this is one of the most architecturally interesting and satisfying buildings not only in Australia but in the world and is certainly a major contrast to the previous building – Old Parliament House – which was only ever intended to be a temporary home for the Australian Parliament, albeit a temporary home that lasted 61 years. It would be quite unfair to compare the two buildings. Continue reading “Parliament House – Canberra”

The Australian Capital Territory’s Oldest Village

Cuppangabalong Woolshed

Tharwa is a small village located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in the Australia Capital Territory and lies a few kilometres to the south of Canberra, Australia’s capital city and home to The Rambling Wombat!  It is typically just passed through, by visitors, en route to Namadgi National Park or Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (if you choose to come this way to the latter). Continue reading “The Australian Capital Territory’s Oldest Village”