Land Animals of Ascension Island – Past and Present


The best known “land” animal on Ascension Island is the famous green turtles. I have written a separate review on these very special creatures Ascension’s Green Turtles.

Given its remoteness, there are and have been very few species of land animal on Ascension Island. Go look for them – your own Ascension Island Safari! Continue reading “Land Animals of Ascension Island – Past and Present”

Turtle Ponds


Since its discovery in 1501 Ascension Island has been famous for the green turtles which nest upon its beaches. See my main review, Ascension’s Green Turtles, for the current day story of these amazing creatures. In that review I indicate that man is no longer a predator of these turtles but that this has not always been the case. This review relates to the time when man was a predator. Continue reading “Turtle Ponds”

The Grotto of Our Lady of Ascension


The Grotto was built in 1944 by members of the US 895th Engineering Regiment with the first service therein on Easter Sunday of that year. Built to serve military personnel, the original chapel was constructed from lava rock and recycled army hut materials. While there was a stone wall surrounding the altar area sandbags were used for the outer walls and kneeling pads. The statue of Our Lady was imported from the United States. The Grotto remained in use until the US base closed in 1947. Continue reading “The Grotto of Our Lady of Ascension”

Ascension Island’s Endemic Flora


Your mission – Go find them on Green Mountain – I found three, maybe four.

Ascension Island’s unique flora is under threat from invasive introduced species (both plant and animal) and loss of habitat, with only small areas of undisturbed vegetation remaining, principally in the highland elevations of Green Mountain National Park. Continue reading “Ascension Island’s Endemic Flora”