Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…”


There are two eating options on Garden Island.

The first is to bring your own food/picnic. This is an entirely feasible option given the lovely lawn areas on which you can sit and eat right on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. Should you prefer it, there are a number of tables and seats which you can use. Although I didn’t notice them, there are free bbq facilities if you want to go the whole hog and cook. Continue reading “Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…””

The Oldest Colonial Graffiti in Australia


While a little hard to decipher, especially from my photos, three sets of initials (WB, FM and IR) and the year 1788 engraved on sandstone rocks on the hilly and wooded northern part of Garden Island are thought to be genuine, dating back to 1788. This makes them the earliest known examples of graffiti in Colonial Australia and the oldest surviving evidence of British settlement on the continent. Continue reading “The Oldest Colonial Graffiti in Australia”

The Esther Williams Trophy


The thing that most impressed me about the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) Heritage Centre is its focus on the leisure and off-duty activities of sailors at sea and in port (ok, maybe not all of them!). A significant part the Centre’s exhibits is focused on giving the visitor an understanding of what it was, and is, like to live on a warship and an understanding of the traditions and pastimes of the Navy and how these reinforce the spirit of a fighting service. Continue reading “The Esther Williams Trophy”

RAN Heritage Centre (Naval Museum)


For two reasons, I suspect, not many people visit the RAN Heritage Centre.

Firstly, from the name they have no idea what it is – it is the flagship museum of a small number of Australian navy museums – and secondly, they hear reference to its location on Garden Island, an active naval base, and assume it is going to be difficult to visit for security reasons – it is not. Continue reading “RAN Heritage Centre (Naval Museum)”