Her Majesty’s Prison – St Helena

HM Prison , St Helena

I am not suggesting you spend the night here but rather have a look as you pass by. I must admit when I first saw it I assumed it was a museum or something of the sort. Continue reading “Her Majesty’s Prison – St Helena”


Ladder Hill Fort – Soon to be Hotel

Ladder Hill Fort

This is one of seven former fortifications on the Island and is located above Jamestown on Ladder Hill and accessed by a winding road up the valley side or, more interestingly, via Jacob’s Ladder. The picture below, which I love, is a rather stylised picture of the road to the Fort, painted in 1821 by James Walten – a rather famous British traveller and artist of the time. The cliffs are not quite that sheer – as you can see from photos in my Jacob’s Ladder review. Continue reading “Ladder Hill Fort – Soon to be Hotel”

Jamestown Market

Jamestown Market Building

Being a major fan of local markets I made my way to Jamestown Market with great anticipation. In truth I didn’t have far to go – about 200m from my hotel.

The market is housed in a smallish building, on the ground floor and on a mezzanine level which runs around the internal walls, leaving an atrium in the centre of building. In terms of shopping I found it was rather abysmal – Continue reading “Jamestown Market”