The Ropemakers’ Tower – Out Of A Fairy-tale


Dating from the 13th century and standing above the pre-Saxon Citadel walls, the square-based Ropemakers’ Tower is one of the oldest buildings in Sighisoara. Its role was to defend – together with the Goldsmiths’ Tower – the northwest corner of the hill. Continue reading “The Ropemakers’ Tower – Out Of A Fairy-tale”

Saxon Cemetery – Dare You To Go After Dark


The cemetery, while tidy, is overgrown with a rambling and evocative collection of headstones which appear to be randomly scattered with many broken and falling over. Indeed the positioning of some of the tombstones clearly suggests that some of the dead have made attempts to escape. The whole place eludes an atmosphere befitting of vampires and other creatures of the night and could easily have been created as a set for a Dracula (or Rocky Horror – whoops – I wasn’t supposed to mention that again) movie. Dare, if you will, to go in after dark! It is open till 8pm (from 8am). Continue reading “Saxon Cemetery – Dare You To Go After Dark”

The Night Train to Transylvania


We arrived in Sighisoara at 4 something am on a cold (nay freezing) late autumn day in 2011. The reason for our arrival at this ungodly hour was that  we took the night train which connects Budapest with Bucharest – leaving the former at a very civilized 19.10 and arriving into the latter at an equally civilised 11.38 the following morning, dropping people of in Brasov a couple of hours earlier. Continue reading “The Night Train to Transylvania”