Photography in North Korea

A Totally Acceptable Photograph in North Korea

There are numerous rules for tourists in North Korea. The ones around photography are the most complicated, confusing and inconsistent.

Very few visitors, apart from those who have no camera, make it through a tour of North Korea without being counselled on their photography – or rather, being told off for taking a photo when they should not have. Continue reading “Photography in North Korea”


And Now for Something Completely Different

Your Entry Pass to North Korea

Travelling in North Korea – 2014

During my time in North Korea I visited the capital, Pyongyang, and a number of other locations (see below) including Sinuiju on the northern border with China. Sinuiju has only recently opened to overseas tourists (excluding those from the USA and South Korea). Continue reading “And Now for Something Completely Different”

Getting into the North Korea – By Air

Air Koryo at Pyongyang Airport

Two airlines fly into North Korea (officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), the national airline, Air Koryo and Air China. Invariably you will fly in from Beijing to Pyongyang though a few tourists enter from Vladivostok and there are on again off again flights from Shanghai. Continue reading “Getting into the North Korea – By Air”