Getting out of the DPRK by Air

Air Koryo at Pyongyang Airport

If eligible to do so, I actually recommend leaving the DPRK by train. See by separate review “Getting out of the DPRK by train”.

If you do leave by air, repeat, in reverse, the process for getting in – outlined in my review “Getting into the DPRK by Air”. Yes, you will have a rerun of the hamburger experience. Continue reading “Getting out of the DPRK by Air”


Getting out of the DPRK by Train

Beijing Train Backs into Pyongyang Station

If you are an American you will leave North Korea by air. Americans, naturally, cannot be trusted to behave for five hours without a guide. All other nationals have the option to leave North Korea by train, as we did. Those leaving by train now have the option to do a stopover at Sinuiju right on the border with China. Continue reading “Getting out of the DPRK by Train”

Enjoy the Darkness and Bring a Torch

North Korea at Night

To include this review as a warning or danger would be to exaggerate the impact on a visitor. It is more something you should be aware of and indeed I invite you to turn it to your advantage and enjoy the darkness in North  Korea.

Continue reading “Enjoy the Darkness and Bring a Torch”


Be an Extra on the World’s Largest Film Set?

Lead Actor Kim Il-sung Takes Centre Stage

Having spent a number of days in North Korea it was time to visit the Korean Feature Film Studio, or more specifically the outdoor film sets as we did not get into the studios themselves.

This got me thinking. Join me in my thoughts. Continue reading “Be an Extra on the World’s Largest Film Set?”


The Media/ Press & Freedom of Speech in North Korea

Local Newspaper on Display in the Pyongyang Metro

Article 53 of the North Korean Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and thus freedom of the press in North Korea. Continue reading “The Media/ Press & Freedom of Speech in North Korea”


Have a Coke and Choco Pie

Coke Zero – Bought in North Korea

As my reader may be aware, North Korea is without doubt the most closed and secretive country on earth. For North Korea, arch enemy number one and the very devil incarnate is the United States which, we are told, is to blame for all the ills and woes of the country despite the heroic efforts of the Kim dynasty.

While the US and many other countries have very strict controls as to what their citizens/companies can export to North Korea, Continue reading “Have a Coke and Choco Pie”


Admire the Flowers of the Leaders

Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia

Should you visit North Korea it will not take you long to realise that anything of any importance is named after Kim Il-sung or more recently, since his death in 2011, Kim Jong-il.

It will thus come as no surprise that the most important flowers (trumping the national flower, the magnolia) in North Korea are the Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia. Yes indeed, that is what they are called – I kid you not. Continue reading “Admire the Flowers of the Leaders”


Watch TV – in North Korea

Pyongyang Television Tower

It is not normal that I write a review recommending that readers watch TV when they visit a location, but North Korea is not your everyday normal location. Continue reading “Watch TV – in North Korea”


Get to know your Kims

President Kim Il-sung

The purpose of this review is to introduce you to the key people you should be familiar with prior to visiting North Korea. You will certainly be well aware of them before you leave unless you close your eyes and plug your ears for the duration of your trip! Continue reading “Get to know your Kims”


Americans in North Korea

America to Blame!

This is not really a warning but rather something to be aware off.

Anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of North Korea will be aware that the United States of America is public enemy number one, the very devil incarnate. Continue reading “Americans in North Korea”