Kim Il-sung Watching from on High

Kim Il-sung from the Folk Custom Hotel

No city in North Korea is complete without its bronze statue of the Great Leader, Kim Il-Sung, placed on the top of a hill for everybody to see. So naturally there is one here in Kaesong, on Mount Janam at the end of the grand boulevard that is Tongil Street. Kim Il-sung did not share the same modesty of his son who banned statues, etc of him being erected while he was alive. This statue of Kim Il-sung was erected in 1968. Continue reading “Kim Il-sung Watching from on High”

Enjoy your bus trip to Kaesong

All Alone on the Road to Kaesong

Approximately half our tour group spent the morning of our second day in North Korea running some part of the Pyongyang Marathon. The rest of us watched the start and finish of the run and two soccer matches in the Kim Il-sung Stadium. Continue reading “Enjoy your bus trip to Kaesong”

North Korea’s win from the Korean War

Tomb of King Kongmin – Advisers and Guards

The primary reason for our visiting Kaesong was that it provided a suitable overnight stop for visiting Panmunjom and the Demilitarized Zone which is not (given road conditions, transport options and other restrictions) feasible as a day trip from Pyongyang. Having said that there are quite a few attractions in and around Kaesong worthy of time in themselves, though as you will see below, time was not on our side.

Continue reading “North Korea’s win from the Korean War”