Vao War Memorial – Morts Pour La France


During World War I 2,145 New Caledonian men served in Europe on French and Turkish fronts. Of these 1,005 were Kanaks – indigenous (Melanesian) islanders. 600 New Caledonians, including 382 Kanaks, died overseas in the service of the French colonial administration, many in the Aisne, France in July-August 1918. Continue reading “Vao War Memorial – Morts Pour La France”

Getting to the Ile des Pins and Getting Around


For me, the Ile des Pins was a stop on a short South Pacific cruise. A number of operators offer cruises from Australia which stop at the Ile des Pins and this is the way the majority of international visitors get to and from the island. That said, the island is also a popular weekend retreat for Noumeans, Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, being a short flight or boat ride from the Ile des Pins. Continue reading “Getting to the Ile des Pins and Getting Around”

No Hurries, No Worries


Paraphrasing Henry Neville’s 1668 book, ‘The Isle of Pines’, swinging sex, free love and unadulterated naughtiness was rife on an island in the South Pacific around 400 hundred years before the first two of these terms were coined by Californian hippies in the 1960s. And, perhaps even more amazingly, it was the famously inhibited and prudish English that brought these things to the Isle of Pines. I invented the third term. Continue reading “No Hurries, No Worries”