Memorial in the Wall – Separating and Uniting


As you make your way to or from Elizabetes iela and streets around it to admire Riga’s beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, as you must, make sure you at least visit the northern part of Kronvalda Park for a look at this rather unusual memorial, located, rather poignantly and deliberately, in front of the former Communist Party Central Committee building. Continue reading “Memorial in the Wall – Separating and Uniting”

Ulugh Beg Monument


Having established that this intricately carved monument, tucked away in the north western part of Kronvalda Park, is of medieval ruler, scientist, mathematician, and astronomer Mīrzā Muhammad Tāraghay bin Shāhrukh (1394-1449), better known as Ulugh Beg, from Central Asia I got to wondering what links he had with Riga to be honoured here. Continue reading “Ulugh Beg Monument”

Latvian National Opera


The distinctly neo-classical building that is now the Latvian National Opera and home to the Latvian National Opera and Ballet was designed by St Petersburg architect Ludwig Bohnstedt and built in 1863 as the Riga German Theatre, a German language theatre. A Russian language theatre, the Latvian National Theatre opened in 1902. At this time Latvia was part of the Russian Empire and German traders predominated in the business and financial life of the city, hence the need for Russian and German theatres. Continue reading “Latvian National Opera”