Maris Liepa Monument

Moving across from the Freedom Monument towards the Latvian National Opera I was attracted by this graceful brushed aluminium figure by the canal. It is a very modern and eye-catching sculpture of Maris-Rudolf Eduardovich Liepa, a Latvian ballet dancer whom I had never heard of. Continue reading “Maris Liepa Monument”


Bastion Hill and Memorial Stones


This small hill within what is now called Bastion Hill Park (Bastejkalns) is an artificial hill created between 1857 to 1863 when the city ramparts were dismantled after the Crimea War. By that stage, due to advances in warfare and weaponry, the ramparts no longer served any useful military purpose. Material from the ramparts was used to build up the banks of the former moat, now the winding Pilsētas kanāls, and create the 15m high Bastion Hill. The whole area was planted and developed and became Bastion Hill Park (Bastejkalns), now a delightful park between the Old City and the more modern city. Continue reading “Bastion Hill and Memorial Stones”

Bastion Hill Park


Bastion Hill or Bastejkalns Park is a delightful little park located on the eastern side of the Daugava River between the Old City and the newer central part of Riga. The park itself is divided in two by, or perhaps more accurately runs along the banks of, the winding Pilsētas Canal, formally a moat and part of the Old City’s defensive system which was pulled down in the mid 19th century making way for the park. Continue reading “Bastion Hill Park”