Protector of Deceased Children – Okunoin


One of the things that stood out when we visited the Okunoin Cemetery was the abundance of small, childlike statues/memorials dressed in mostly red hats, red bibs and other children’s clothing. Perhaps the blanket of white snow, in place when we visited, made them stand out more than they might otherwise have. Continue reading “Protector of Deceased Children – Okunoin”

The State, Aristocracy, Big Business and Okunoin

30Shingon Buddhism has been very closely tied to the State and supported by the aristocracy since its inception by Kobo Daishi in 816. The latter association giving rise to the term ‘Aristocratic Buddhism’. While many temples in the Danjo Garan (seperate reviews), and elsewhere in Koyasan, were built at the request of, or in memory of, former Japanese Emperors, high ranking military officials and the like, nowhere are these associations more evident than here in the Okunoin Cemetery. Continue reading “The State, Aristocracy, Big Business and Okunoin”

Osaka To Koyasan – By Train And Cablecar


Armed with our Koyasan – World Heritage tickets we got to Namba Station (Osaka) in time to catch the 7.24am train for our day-trip to Koyasan. With one change at Hashimoto (km 40.1) we would, and being Japan we did, arrive at Gokurakubashi Station some 60km away on schedule just over an hour and a half later. Here we would transfer to the Koyasan Cablecar for the short ride up to Koyasan Station where we would then take a bus into the township. Continue reading “Osaka To Koyasan – By Train And Cablecar”

From Osaka to Koyasan – Which Ticket?


I was almost put off visiting Koyasan based on the fact that everything I read about getting there made the whole process seem very complicated, not least the hideously complicated looking map of Namba station in Osaka (see below) which I would have to visit twice – once to pick up tickets if I pre-booked online and again catch the train. Continue reading “From Osaka to Koyasan – Which Ticket?”

Koyasan – A Sacred Place In The Mountains


Koyasan or Mt Koyo was one of my favourite stops on my 2014 visit to Japan. Tucked away in the hills only 60kms south of Osaka I very nearly left it off our itinerary, being put off by what appeared to be a rather complex process for getting there. I am glad I wasn’t deterred as it was not that hard to get to and so, so much worth it when we did. Continue reading “Koyasan – A Sacred Place In The Mountains”