Rainbow Ballroom of Romance


A Trip Down Memory Lane

My goodness, the sight of the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance was a throw back to earlier times for me, reminding me of church socials and dances, hotel ballrooms and dedicated dance halls like this. Continue reading “Rainbow Ballroom of Romance”


Prince Connnell’s Grave


Located about 7 kms outside the village of Kiltycougher, Co. Leitrim, in the townland of Carraclooona, en route (indirect) from Bundoran to Enniskillen, I passed a small, very missable, sign advising of the presence of Prince Connell’s Grave. I pulled up, reversed back the necessary 100 metres or so and set out, on foot, about 50 metres across a peat bog to investigate. Continue reading “Prince Connnell’s Grave”

Old Kinlough Church and Cemetery and the Civil War


Having spent a few hours in Bundoran, albeit, due to inclement weather, a substantial part of it in the bar of the Great Northern Hotel, I decided on a route back to Enniskillen (where I was staying) which I don’t recall having ever taken before, that is via the R281 to Belcoo on the border and, from there, on into Enniskillen.

Having passed through the small village of Kinlough (which takes name from its position at the head of Lough Melvin – the Irish Cionn Locha meaning head of the lake) I spied the ruins of an old building, surrounded by trees, less than 50 metres off to my right so pulled in for a closer look. Continue reading “Old Kinlough Church and Cemetery and the Civil War”

Bundoran Golf Club – Golf – If You Must


With advancing years, there are a declining number of things about my early life that I can recall with absolute certainty. One thing that I am absolutely sure of is that I have played golf three times in my life; once on a cold, miserable winter’s morning in Blacklion (not far from Bundoran), once in the sweltering heat and unrelenting sun somewhere close to Estapona in Spain and once here at the Bundoran Golf Club on a pleasant but windy day. Yes, I was dragged screaming on all three occasions. Continue reading “Bundoran Golf Club – Golf – If You Must”

Rougey Cliff Walk


This is officially a circular walk starting from the tourist office. From there follow the path along the promenade by Waterworld towards the Great Northern Hotel, clearly recognisable on the hill ahead and around the bay. From there, the walk continues on around the headland with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Bundoran’s Golf Course on the other side with truly breathtaking views no matter which way you look – views which photos cannot really do justice too. On reaching the far end of the walk at Tullan Strand Road one is supposed to turn right and follow this road to its intersection with the main R267 road, where taking a right turn will bring you back into the town centre. Continue reading “Rougey Cliff Walk”

Ireland’s Capital of Fun


……or, a day at the beach.

Looking at pictures of an empty beach and dejected looking funfair rides, my Reader might be forgiven for wondering why I have chosen the title I have for this review. I would have expected a similar reaction had I entitled this review ‘Ireland’s Premiere Seaside Resort’. Both terms are taken from the town’s tourist literature. Continue reading “Ireland’s Capital of Fun”