Tiananmen Square – Lowering the Flag

Tiananmen Square – Flag Lowering Ceremony

I hadn’t planned on visiting the flag raising or lowering ceremony held daily in Tiananmen Square. I don’t like hanging around waiting for things to happen and as such don’t do it unless I think it’s going to be worth it.

We had spent a very long and tiring day sightseeing and, as chance would have it, were passing through Tiananmen Square en route to our hotel as sunset approached. As a bit of a crowd was gathering we decided to hang around for the daily flag lowering ceremony, not knowing how long we would have to wait. I didn’t realise until I was later writing this review that the actual flag raising and lowering time is published in advance. Continue reading “Tiananmen Square – Lowering the Flag”

Huabiao – Keeping an Eye on the Emperor

Huabiao Outside Tiananmen (Gate)

In your excitement about being in the world’s largest public square and making your way through Tiananmen (the gate) to enter the Forbidden City, you could be forgiven for missing these white marble columns, one on either side of the gate on the outside and two more on the other side of the gate once you do pass through. Continue reading “Huabiao – Keeping an Eye on the Emperor”

Days Inn, Forbidden City

Days Inn, Forbidden City

When I book accommodation, after basic cleanliness, my number one criteria is location which in most cases has to be traded off against cost. Whether the front desk staff are friendly and can speak English or otherwise is of secondary importance as I am very self sufficient when travelling. Indeed I am becoming fond of check-in and check-out machines which are becoming increasingly common in countries like Japan.

I digress, back to Days Inn Forbidden City. Continue reading “Days Inn, Forbidden City”