A New Dawn – China sees Red

‘The Foundation Ceremony’

When most people think of ancient history they think in terms of thousands of years ago. Not so in China where the National Museum of China has decreed that Ancient China ended in 1840 with the onset of the First Opium War. Thankfully, otherwise I and, I suspect, many of my readers would be deemed products of the dark ages or, at best, the middle ages, China moves directly from Ancient China to the Modern Age. Continue reading “A New Dawn – China sees Red”


The Great Hall of the People

The Great Hall of the People

The Soviet style (and designed) Great Hall of the People lies to the west of Tiananmen Square. Given the sheer size the square the buildings in and around it look much smaller than they actually are. Make no mistake, this building is huge, covering an area of 150,000sqm. Believe it or not, the twelve light-gray marble colonnades on the front of the building are each two metres in diameter and twenty-five metres high. Continue reading “The Great Hall of the People”

Zhengyangmen (Zhengyang Gate) – Watchtower

Zengyangmen Watchtower (Southside)

The watchtower was an integral part of Zhengyangmen and only it and the gatehouse remain of this, the largest and one of the most important gates on Beijing’s 1400s Inner City wall. I suggest you read my review on the Zhengyangmen Gatehouse prior to this one as I have not repeated relevant background information in that review here. Continue reading “Zhengyangmen (Zhengyang Gate) – Watchtower”

Tiananmen Square LED Screens

LED Display – Tiananmen Square

In 2009, to display a parade marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on 1 October 1949, authorities erected two 40 metres long by 5 metres high, extremely high resolution LED display screens smack bang in the centre of Tiananmen Square – one some metres on either side of the north south axis – an historically important and symbolic line running down the centre of the square and beyond, through the Forbidden City to the North and the Temple of Heaven Complex to the south. Continue reading “Tiananmen Square LED Screens”