Sydney Open (day)


Like any other city or place in the world the average tourist can only access a fraction of the buildings and other places of potential interest in Sydney. Hidden within commercial businesses or otherwise lying derelict and forgotten is a wealth of things of interest, at least for the more discerning or time rich visitor. Continue reading “Sydney Open (day)”

Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on


Firstly let me get one thing out of the way – there is only one hop-on, hop-off service in Sydney that I know about. It is marketed under three banners City Explorer (the original name for the service), City Sightseeing and now (2017), Big Bus Sydney. Don’t be confused into thinking that there might be competition here, there isn’t. Continue reading “Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on”

Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches


If only via the medium of television, my reader may already be familiar with the famous Bondi Beach lifesavers who patrol that beach in their red and yellow outfits, coming to the rescue of countless hapless swimmers and surfers each year.

Needless to say these members of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club do a wonderful job and while it was the first surf lifesaving club in Australia and is the oldest active surf lifesaving club in the world it is now only one of many such clubs in Australia. Continue reading “Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches”

Fort Denison – Guarding Sydney – Perhaps Not


Today dwarfed by high-rise buildings on the shore and massive cruise ships on the Harbour, Fort Denison was a barren rocky out-crop when the First Fleet arrived into Sydney Cove in 1788. Called Mat-te-wan-ye by local Aboriginals, Governor Phillip renamed it Rock Island. The island was soon informally christened Pinchgut, in memory of the convicts who were, in the early days of the colony, put there on starvation diets as a form of punishment for their misdemeanours. Continue reading “Fort Denison – Guarding Sydney – Perhaps Not”

Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian”


On weekdays there is only one option to purchase food on Cockatoo Island (Dec 2016) and that is the oddly named Societe Overboard just by wharf where you will have disembarked the ferry. At weekends the Marina Café (on the other side of the small island) opens. As I was, on this occasion, visiting during the week I didn’t have an opportunity to try out the Marina Café. If it is on a par with the Societe Overboard I am glad I didn’t. Continue reading “Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian””