Museum Passes and Memberships


Unlike in many countries I have visited where passes, cards, etc giving access to multiple sites and museums are commonplace, well advertised and promoted, in Australia, while a few options exist, you really do have to eke them out. Continue reading “Museum Passes and Memberships”

Blue Mountains – Don’t Rush It – Concentrate On The Essentials


The scenically stunning Blue Mountains are absolutely worth a visit should you come Sydney and I recommend, in your planning, that you allow more than a day, especially if you enjoy hiking or want to visit, and get to appreciate, the many small townships in the mountains. Continue reading “Blue Mountains – Don’t Rush It – Concentrate On The Essentials”

Fort Denison – Guarding Sydney – Perhaps Not


Today dwarfed by high-rise buildings on the shore and massive cruise ships on the Harbour, Fort Denison was a barren rocky out-crop when the First Fleet arrived into Sydney Cove in 1788. Called Mat-te-wan-ye by local Aboriginals, Governor Phillip renamed it Rock Island. The island was soon informally christened Pinchgut, in memory of the convicts who were, in the early days of the colony, put there on starvation diets as a form of punishment for their misdemeanours. Continue reading “Fort Denison – Guarding Sydney – Perhaps Not”

Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian”


On weekdays there is only one option to purchase food on Cockatoo Island (Dec 2016) and that is the oddly named Societe Overboard just by wharf where you will have disembarked the ferry. At weekends the Marina Café (on the other side of the small island) opens. As I was, on this occasion, visiting during the week I didn’t have an opportunity to try out the Marina Café. If it is on a par with the Societe Overboard I am glad I didn’t. Continue reading “Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian””

Luna Park – Just for Fun and Art


If you only go to Sydney’s Luna Park to have your photo taken in front of the funfair’s iconic clown face (based on Old King Cole) entrance then it’s worth the trip.

Luna Park is modeled, in art deco style (look at the towers by the entrance), on similar parks in Melbourne and Adelaide (the latter of which closed as Sydney was opening) and on the world’s first Luna Park which opened on Coney Island, New York in 1903. Continue reading “Luna Park – Just for Fun and Art”

Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under


According to legend, Avalon was the earthly paradise chosen by King Arthur as his final resting place. Seeing Avalon Beach, first from my walk along Bangalley Head and then from walking along the beach itself, I couldn’t help wondering if this was Arthur’s Avalon. Admittedly, I do wonder a lot sometimes. Continue reading “Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under”