Senyai – Thai: “A Cut Above Your Average Thai”


One evening I had a sudden urge for Thai food but didn’t want to walk or travel too far from my hotel (The Grace) in the centre of Sydney.

Regent Place, close to the Town Hall and less than five minutes walk, came to mind as I had eaten there a few times, though not Thai. Regent Place is a throughway between George Street and Kent Street and contains about a dozen upcoming quality eateries. On the lower level I found what I was looking for – a Thai Restaurant called Senyai. Continue reading “Senyai – Thai: “A Cut Above Your Average Thai””

Sedap Malaysian Kopitan: “Hawker Style Malaysian”


Sedap is a delightful little hawker style Malaysian restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle of George Street in the Regent Place Arcade. I should add that the arcade has a great selection of eateries including an excellent Thai Restaurant – Senyai – upon which I have written a separate review and in which I have eaten many times. Continue reading “Sedap Malaysian Kopitan: “Hawker Style Malaysian””

Did that dog just talk to me?


When the adjacent Queen Victoria Building was being restored in the 1980s Malaysian developers, Ipoh Gardens, decided that an exterior sculpture of Queen Victoria would be an appropriate addition.

The hunt for a second-hand statue commenced and in the end Ireland obliged. Having found the requisite statutory something was required to cover an unsightly air vent from an underground car park which sat about 10 metres from where Her Majesty was to be erected. Continue reading “Did that dog just talk to me?”

Museum of Freemasonry


World-wide, Freemasonry has always been and remains shrouded in mystique. How can this be for an organisation some 300+ years old (with roots back to trade organisations in the 1400s) with a current membership of around six million? Are Freemasons latter day Knights Templar? What do the handshakes mean? Why the regalia and other symbolism?  Do they really run the United States and other countries? Continue reading “Museum of Freemasonry”