NextThere – A Must Have App


If you have an Iphone or an Ipad and plan on using public transport in Sydney (and various other Australian and a few US cities – though I have only tested it in Sydney) you absolutely must download this app and use it (along with the other must have – an Opal Card – (see my separate review)). Continue reading “NextThere – A Must Have App”


Sydney Light Rail


This is the simplest form of Sydney public transport to tell you about as there is only one line, though as I write (December 2017) construction of an extremely controversial line connecting Central Station and Circular Quay via a track down George Street is underway. It will be the world’s most expensive light rail system on a per kilometre basis – if that’s any claim to fame. And that’s before the budget blow-outs occur.

I have digressed. Continue reading “Sydney Light Rail”

Sydney Buses


Sydney has a reasonably extensive system of buses but like most places catching a bus is the thing tourists tend to steer clear of or fear most. The reasons for this is that bus routes are harder to decipher, buses get snarled up in traffic, all buses don’t stop at all bus stops, and stops are not marked in the way train stations and the like are, meaning that unless you know the route you may have little idea where you are. Continue reading “Sydney Buses”

The Airport by Train


Notwithstanding my second picture I highly recommend this service if your final destination in Sydney is within walking distance of a train station.

Catching the train is the fastest way to reach Sydney Airport or to get to the city from the airport. Services run directly to/from the city centre to/from stations located inside the Domestic and International terminals. You can probably go cheaper by bus but for the extra dollar or so I prefer the faster train service. Continue reading “The Airport by Train”

Vivid Sydney


For three weeks each year, in late May/early June, Sydney comes even more alive than it normally is with a spectacular light, music and ideas(?) art show – Vivid Sydney.

I have visited every year now since 2014. This review is based on my 2015 visit when, as in other years, Sydney’s most recognisable buildings and other structures became a canvas for the most amazing of light projections. Continue reading “Vivid Sydney”

Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on


Firstly let me get one thing out of the way – there is only one hop-on, hop-off service in Sydney that I know about. It is marketed under three banners City Explorer (the original name for the service), City Sightseeing and now (2017), Big Bus Sydney. Don’t be confused into thinking that there might be competition here, there isn’t. Continue reading “Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on”

Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches


If only via the medium of television, my reader may already be familiar with the famous Bondi Beach lifesavers who patrol that beach in their red and yellow outfits, coming to the rescue of countless hapless swimmers and surfers each year.

Needless to say these members of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club do a wonderful job and while it was the first surf lifesaving club in Australia and is the oldest active surf lifesaving club in the world it is now only one of many such clubs in Australia. Continue reading “Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches”