Niagara Cafe: “Food for Prime Ministers”

As a café owner, it’s not often that you hear a knock on the door just before midnight, after you have closed for the night, and upon opening the door you find the Prime Minister of Australia standing there begging to be fed and complaining of the cold. Continue reading “Niagara Cafe: “Food for Prime Ministers””


Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station


Located in Byron Street and just up the hill from the Court House is Gundagai’s historic police station and gaol.

The first part of the gaol, a police station/lock-up was built shortly after the Court House and opened for business 1859. The main cell block, gaoler’s residence and the rather unique local slate wall with rendered capping you see today were added between 1859 and 1880. Like the Court House, the Gaol and Police Station were designed by colonial architects, Alexander Dawson and Walter Liberty Vernon. Continue reading “Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station”

Sturt Cairn – Murrumbidgee River Crossing

136Explorer, soldier and public servant, Charles Sturt (1795-1869) was born on 28 April 1795 in India, the son of an English judge in Bengal, then under control of the East India Company.

In December 1826, after a brief period in England, he set out for Australia – in charge of convicts on the Mariner (ship) – arriving in Sydney on 23 May 1827. Having arrived in Australia from the Home Country, at this time, a man of Sturt’s pedigree and credentials had a few options – politics, the army or explore inland in the new colony. After a short stint in the military Sturt chose the latter. Continue reading “Sturt Cairn – Murrumbidgee River Crossing”

Captain Moonlite And His Grave


On anything other than the briefest of visits to Gundagai you will hear about a ‘Captain Moonlite’. Captain Moonlite never lived in Gundagai and, from what I can ascertain, his only visit to the town was a short time he spent, at Her Majesty’s pleasure, in the former Gundagai Gaol prior to a committal hearing in the adjacent Gundagai Court House. Continue reading “Captain Moonlite And His Grave”

Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai


I have referred to a number of buildings in my other reviews principally because, in addition to them being aesthetically pleasing, they also have a story to tell.

As you walk down the main street there are a number of other buildings worthy, at least, a passing look. A couple, being purveyors of alcoholic beverages are worthy a closer examination if you are feeling thirsty, though they also serve decent food. Continue reading “Other Interesting Buildings In Downtown Gundagai”