Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery: “Tilley’s – For Something Devine!”


Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery, is something of an institution in Canberra, now in operation for over 30years.

How does one describe this place? Permit me to quote from Sally Pryor ‘s article in the Canberra Times, 16 January 2003: Continue reading “Tilley’s Devine Cafe Gallery: “Tilley’s – For Something Devine!””


Black Mountain Summit Walk


The first thing most visitors to Canberra notice is Telstra Tower on Black Mountain. The Tower is one of Canberra’s most visited sites and you can get to it by car or bicycle (if you are very fit) or you can walk. Most people, thankfully for those who chose to walk, get there by car. This review is on the Summit Walk, which is, in my view, without doubt the best way to get to the summit. Ensure that you take some water with you. Continue reading “Black Mountain Summit Walk”

Australian National Botanic Gardens


Allow yourself about two hours (more if you want to sample the café in the gardens which I thoroughly recommend you do) to see these delightful and varied gardens. The National Botanic Gardens, run by the Government, specialises in Australian native plants and contains nearly 7,000 of some 18,000 identified species found in Australia, all set in Canberra’s bushland environment. Continue reading “Australian National Botanic Gardens”

A.Baker: “Remove Your Teeth If That Is An Option For You”


A.Baker is located in the burnt out remains of the former Acton Hotel (in a relatively new residential, art and entertainment precinct). It is designed to give that increasingly common industrial look – raw exposed walls, exposed air conditioning pipes, a rough wooden floor and open kitchen “to further break down physical barriers between raw product, chef and consumer”. “Raw and confident” per their website. So far so good.

Alas, that is where it ends. Continue reading “A.Baker: “Remove Your Teeth If That Is An Option For You””

New Acton Arts Precinct


I am not a big fan of new “precincts” preferring the old and distinguished – or as friends tell me the decaying and dead. I like a place with soul and atmosphere so will return here in a few years to reassess New Acton as a whole. In the meantime I will pop in if individual events take my fancy (art / music and the like) or if I want to see a movie in the excellent Palace Cinema housed in the Nishi building. Continue reading “New Acton Arts Precinct”

Canberra Theatre Centre


Being only three hours drive from Sydney and having a population of less than 400,000, blockbuster shows and events do not come to Canberra and ‘seasons’ for what does come are measured in days rather than weeks, months or years.

That said Canberra is an affluent place and for Australia very culturally aware. Accordingly it hosts numerous art galleries, smaller theatres, its own orchestra and so on. Continue reading “Canberra Theatre Centre”

Church of St John the Baptist


The Anglican Church of St John the Baptist in the inner suburb of Reid is Canberra’s first church and actually pre-dates Canberra by around 70 years. The Church (with adjacent graveyard and school) are built on land donated by the Robert Campbell of Duntroon (one of the first European settlers on the Limestone Plains) to serve the spiritual, education and social needs of the pioneering farming community. A cradle to grave support. Continue reading “Church of St John the Baptist”