Cycle Around Four Lakes


Readers of others of my reviews and those otherwise vaguely familiar with Canberra will be familiar with Lake Burley Griffin, an artificially created lake in the central Canberra area. There are, in fact, a number of other lakes in Canberra, all of them man-made. The largest of these lakes, each located in a ‘town centre’ are Lake Tuggeranong (in Tuggeranong) , Lake Ginninderra (in Belconnen) and Yerrabi Pond (Gungahlin). These are represented by the numbers 2-4 respectively on the map in picture 2 below. Number 1 marks Lake Burley Griffin.

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Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – West Basin


Of the three lake rides referred to in my ‘Cycle around Lake Burley Griffin – General’ review (which I recommend you read before this review as it provides some general details on cycling in the Australian Capital Territory and on cycle hire, in addition to a map showing the location of this ride) the West Basin one is the longest at 16kms, the most difficult and the most rewarding scenery-wise providing you with a delightful insight into why Canberra is called the bush capital. Continue reading “Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – West Basin”

Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – Central Basin


My review ‘Cycle around Lake Burley Griffin – General’ provides some general information on cycling around Lake Burley Griffin and in the ACT generally. It also provides details on the limited options for hiring bicycles in Canberra. If you have not already read it, do have a look at it before continuing.

This is a short 5km ride along a flat sealed cycle/pedestrian path around the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Continue reading “Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – Central Basin”

Canberra – Sydney by Train

7My favourite mode of travel anywhere is by train so it will come as no surprise to my regular reader that I would write a review on the Canberra Sydney train service, limited though it is.

In terms travelling between Sydney and Canberra, in the most efficient and cheapest way possible, I actually recommend taking a bus – see my separate review – Sydney – Canberra by Bus. Continue reading “Canberra – Sydney by Train”

City Loop Route 101 – Free City Centre Bus Service


During Canberra’s centenary year, 2013, a free tourist bus service was introduced – Route 100. This was a great addition for visitors to the city (and locals) as it served all the main tourist sites within the city area. It was scrapped in 2014, primarily due to opposition from the, then $35/day, hop-on-hop off service which ran pretty much the same route, though much less frequently. Check out the new Tourist Loop bus service No 81/981 for a similar route coverage – noting that this is a standard pay service.

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Canberra – Getting Around By Bus


Canberra is one of the most spread out cities in the world. There are not many cities of 400,000 people where a walk around the perimeter is 145kms long. I know this because I have walked the Canberra Centenary Trail which encircles the city. The LOOP, or to give it its full name the London Outer Orbital Path, is 245kms – not much longer when you consider the relative populations contained within each.

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Getting to and from Canberra International Airport


After many years Canberra International Airport became an international airport again in mid September 2016 when Singapore Airlines started services to Singapore and Wellington, in New Zealand. Additionally, via a combination of direct or indirect flights it is relatively easy to get to anywhere in Australia. Be warned though that domestic flights into and out of Canberra are expensive.

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