The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View”


Walking around Lake Burley Griffin and visiting the numerous attractions around it can easily take days. Most visitors will be restricted to a day, or at most two. Irrespective, you will need to eat at some point. There are numerous options, mainly in terms of museum cafes and the like, but my favourite is The Deck, assuming that is that it is a nice day and you actually sit out on the deck rather than inside, which I find cold, bland and lacking in atmosphere. Continue reading “The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View””

Canberra and Region Visitors Centre


The Visitors Centre, which moved to its current site by Lake Burley Griffin, from Northbourne Avenue, is a great source of information on Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory and the region more generally and is certainly worthy a stop for all but the most prepared visitor to Canberra. In addition to an extensive display of literature the staff here are very helpful. Continue reading “Canberra and Region Visitors Centre”

Commonwealth Park – Go Promenade!


Why don’t people promenade any more?

Every time I visit Commonwealth Park I am somewhat taken aback by the paucity of people out enjoying this beautiful park. I often wonder (and I have been here 16 years), as do visitors, where do Canberrans go at weekends. Why are they not out enjoying the delights of this great city? Their loss is the visitor’s gain. Continue reading “Commonwealth Park – Go Promenade!”

Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin


The title of this review may be a bit misleading – I actually mean a walk around the central basin – a circular walk of 5kms crossing the lake via Commonwealth and King’s bridges (bridge to bridge). This is an easy walk along flat (apart from going up and down onto the bridges to cross the lake – steps or ramp) sealed paths and is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Please look at my separate review on cycling around the whole lake – some 29 kms though shorter options are also mentioned there. Off course there is nothing stopping you walking the lot. Continue reading “Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin”

The Path to Reconciliation


Running between the National Library and the High Court/National Gallery of Australia is an area of parkland given over to a series of artworks drawing on Aboriginal culture and history. Reconciliation Place, as the area is called, aims at reaffirming Australia’s shared history, from an Aboriginal perspective, and the nation’s commitment to reconciliation between Aboriginals and later settlers in Australia. Continue reading “The Path to Reconciliation”

Enlighten – 2016


Enlighten is one thing I look forward to every year in Canberra and while the same buildings are lit up every year, beautifully I might add, the event has grown to be much more than this over the many years it has now been taking place. Leaving aside the fact that I live in Canberra, I think Enlighten is streets ahead of the much newer equivalent event in Sydney, Vivid. Don’t get me wrong I love Sydney’s offering too, particularly the way the Opera House is lit up (see my Sydney Vivid review for more detail on that event) but the compactness of the Canberra show makes it a winner for me. Continue reading “Enlighten – 2016”