Shark Attacks and Beach Safety


I have written a number of reviews about the wonderful white sand beaches and inviting sea right along the Gulf St Vincent.

Because of the presence of sand banks the water tends to be shallow and there are rarely rips or large waves. While these beaches are generally safe for swimming and other activities it is important to exercise care. Continue reading “Shark Attacks and Beach Safety”


Dunluce ‘Castle’ and the Reverend Macully


Having been born in Northern Ireland, when I saw reference to a residence called ‘Dunluce’ in Brighton it attracted my immediate attention. Dunluce is the name of a now ruined medieval castle (picture below, courtesy of Wikipedia) on the north coast of Northern Ireland, not far from Coleraine were I lived for a number of years. Continue reading “Dunluce ‘Castle’ and the Reverend Macully”

Person Sitting on Bench – Brighton


Adelaide is often referred to as the Festival City because of the disproportionately large number of festivals it has compared to Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian cities. Two of these festivals are held, back to back, at Brighton in the later half of January each year – the Brighton Jetty Beach Sculptures and the Brighton Jetty Classic. The Brighton Jetty Classic is an open water swim while the Sculpture festival (fashioned on similar events at Cottesloe Beach in West Australia and in Sydney – Bondi’s Sculptures by the Sea) is a display of around 80 sculptures, some along the Brighton Esplanade set against the beautiful backdrop of the Gulf St Vincent and the balance within the local Surf Life Saving Club. Continue reading “Person Sitting on Bench – Brighton”

A Tribute to a Noble Woman


To the right (looking out to sea) of the Brighton Arch of Remembrance is this marble drinking fountain (non functioning), a memorial to a Mrs Kitty Primrose Whyte. It was erected in 1926 by the women of Brighton.

Kitty Primrose Whyte (nee Miss Kitty Macully) was the daughter of Reverend Alexander Macully (more on him, a bit of a character, in another review!), the Rector of St Jude’s Church, here in Brighton. Continue reading “A Tribute to a Noble Woman”

Take the Tram to Glenelg


This review is an introduction to Glenelg on which I have written a series of seperate reviews under the Glenelg category. Obviously, I recommend you look at and visit Glenelg should you find yourself in Adelaide.

Glenelg is Adelaide’s premier, at least in terms of visitor numbers, seaside resort on the shore of Holdfast Bay/ Gulf St Vincent about 10 kms from Adelaide City centre. It is named after Lord Glenelg, then Britain’s Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. Continue reading “Take the Tram to Glenelg”

Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast


In another review I alluded to the fact that the area around Henley Beach and Grange was formerly highly prized farming land by virtue of the existence of rich alluvial soils. The large expanse of alluvial soil was due to the fact that the Torrens River, until 1934, stopped short of discharging into the sea, being stopped by the bank of sand dunes which runs along this part of the coast. Unable to escape, the river regularly flooded leading to fertile soil in the area. Continue reading “Breakout Creek Wetlands – Nice Detour From Coast”