Excess Baggage Charges – No Worry Here

One thing I can guarantee almost anyone is that you are unlikely to get hit with excess baggage charges on leaving the island and this is not due to lax airport or shipping agent check-in procedures but rather that there is virtually nothing to buy on Ascension Island. Continue reading “Excess Baggage Charges – No Worry Here”


Fort Bedford


For the best view of Georgetown, the island’s capital, there is nowhere that can compare with the view from Fort Bedford. More on the view later but it should also be clear from the picture above why Fort Bedford, tasked with defending the capital, is located where it is – half way up Cross Hill, just behind Georgetown. The peak of Cross Hill remains a military site and thus out of bounds. Continue reading “Fort Bedford”

Land Animals of Ascension Island – Past and Present


The best known “land” animal on Ascension Island is the famous green turtles. I have written a separate review on these very special creatures Ascension’s Green Turtles.

Given its remoteness, there are and have been very few species of land animal on Ascension Island. Go look for them – your own Ascension Island Safari! Continue reading “Land Animals of Ascension Island – Past and Present”