Various Shops: “Souvenir shopping in Flåm”


With nearly 150 cruise ships, countless other boats, a few thousand buses, thousands of train passengers and people in their own vehicles visiting Flåm each year it is little wonder that there are more souvenir shops than any other type of business in the small village of Flåm. Continue reading “Various Shops: “Souvenir shopping in Flåm””


Railway Museum


In my review of our trip from Myrdal to Flåm aboard the Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana) I indicated that the line, the steepest in Europe, opened in 1940 and was an extraordinary piece of engineering.

Those interested in learning more about this railway and its history and, importantly, the people who built it – both engineers and work gangs – should visit the Railway Museum right in the centre of Flåm. Continue reading “Railway Museum”

Cruise Ships – You May Not Be Alone In Flam


Large numbers of cruise ships visit Flåm each year, often two a day in the peak summer season. While the souvenir shops, the Flåm Railway and other businesses together with the local community benefit from this not everyone is so happy. Environmentalists, in particular, are aghast at the (potential) pollution issues, both here in the upper reaches of Aurlandfjord and in the fjord system more generally. Continue reading “Cruise Ships – You May Not Be Alone In Flam”

Have Breakfast With A View


The evening before we had seen a sign advertising a buffet breakfast in the Flamsbrygga Hotel for NOK180, not expensive for Norway.

The next morning we went for a look and, thankfully, there was no one around to show us to our seats. This give us the opportunity to have a look at the buffet offering. It appeared lacklustre at best and not worth the price. We hastily decided to go to the Co-op shop (about 50metres away) and take our chances there and then find somewhere to sit down an enjoy a takeaway breakfast. Continue reading “Have Breakfast With A View”

Flåm Coop – Supermarket: “General Store”


Apart from souvenir shops there is only one other shop in Flåm, a Coop supemarket. The Coop stocks a decent range of groceries, confectionery, drinks, over the counter medicines and other household requisites like cleaning products and loo paper. My recollection is that should you need a rice cooker you also need look no further than the Flåm Coop. Continue reading “Flåm Coop – Supermarket: “General Store””

Ægir Brewery Restaurant: “A Viking Experience”


For background information and details on the Ægir Brewery and Pub see my separate review on the pub/brewery part of the business.

The restaurant forms the upper level of the old Norse/Viking styled building though the traditional décor is less obvious in the restaurant than it is in the bar/brewery making me think that the restaurant was a later loft conversion, if you like. Continue reading “Ægir Brewery Restaurant: “A Viking Experience””

Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking”


After all the walking, cycling, train and boat travel you’ve done in and around Flåm you are going to need a drink and there is no better place for that than the Ægir Brewery and Pub right in the village centre. Of course, engaging in one or more of these activities in not a pre-requisite to having a drink here! Continue reading “Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking””