Kim Ki-song Hoeryong First Middle School – Children of the Revolution

On arriving into Hoeryong from Chongjin our first stop was the Kim Ki-song Hoeryong First Middle School, one of the country’s more prestigious secondary schools catering to the offspring of the city’s Nouveau riche. It is named after the revolutionary brother of anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong-suk, wife of Kim Il-sung and mother to Kim Jong-il. Continue reading “Kim Ki-song Hoeryong First Middle School – Children of the Revolution”


Vale, Southern Cloud

In 1929 aviators Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (after whom Sydney’s airport is named) and Charles Ulm founded Australian National Airways (ANA). The Southern Cloud was one of its three engined Avro X aircraft flying daily between several Australian cities. Continue reading “Vale, Southern Cloud”

Hoeryong – Snacking, Wining, Dining and Sleeping

As usual we had an early start to the day, so as to fit in a final sightseeing stop in Chongjin prior to heading inland on our 2 – 3 hours drive to Hoeryong. En route we stopped at a small unmarked shop which sold bottled water (for a few cents) from the adjacent bottling plant which our guides assured us produced the best water in North Korea. A plaque by the shop detailed the makeup of the water for those seeking additional assurance in this regard. Continue reading “Hoeryong – Snacking, Wining, Dining and Sleeping”

Hoeryong – The birthplace of Kim Jong-suk

Hoeryong is a city of around 100,000 people in the northern part of North Hamgyŏng Province, right on the border with China. Like all other towns and cities in North Korea you would imagine that the population was somewhat smaller as people tend to stay at home when not out working. North Korea is not a café / window shopping society though things are slowly changing in this direction, especially in Pyongyang where a multitude of new cafes and restaurants had sprung up between my 2014 and my 2018 visit. Continue reading “Hoeryong – The birthplace of Kim Jong-suk”

Giorgio’s Sandwash Track – Woodstock Nature Reserve

While enjoying the amazing views down onto the Murrumbidgee River and the surrounding countryside from Shepherd’s Lookout I noticed a formed track running along the northern back of the river, terminating at an almost 90 degree bend in the river. A quick check confirmed that this was an official walking track – Giorgio’s Sandwash Track. Continue reading “Giorgio’s Sandwash Track – Woodstock Nature Reserve”