For many Mt Painter in the northern suburbs of Canberra is the ‘go to’ walk for scenic views of the northern part of the city, with minimal effort. While some consider Mt Arawang to be the Mt Painter of the south, for me the Urambi Hills summit walk earns this accolade though it is a little longer at 2.1 kms return. Either way, both walks offer sweeping views of the southern part of the city and out across the Murrumbidgee river towards the Brindabella mountains to the west.

The Urambi Hills Nature Reserve is located just north of Tuggeranong town centre with the start of my walk being in Meredith Circuit, Kambah. There is a small amount (though ample) of off-street parking here adjacent to house No 40.

Starting the walk at Meredith Circuit, Kambah
Walk track mapped via

At a leisurely pace, this relatively easy walk, taking in two ‘peaks’, took me fifty minutes, including ample time to take in the views along the way and from both peaks. I use the term ‘peaks’ rather tongue in cheek as they are around 708 and 713 metres respectively while the walk starts at 635 metres above sea level. The most difficult aspect of the walk is negotiating a couple of locked gates. The gates, rare on Canberra walks outside reserve entry gates, are here as the lower part of the Urambi Hills is leased out to local farmers for livestock grazing, aimed at reducing fuel loads in the event of a bushfire.

Signage along the walk is minimal – a few faded marker posts – but you really don’t need it as the track is clear with the two peaks easily recognisable and visible once you come out from the slightly wooded area where Yellow Box-Blakely’s Red Gum trees prevail, at the beginning of the walk.

Limited signage along track

As I came out from the wooded section of the walk the views towards the Brindabellas were amazing.

The Brindabellas to the right with Namadji National Park to the left
Looking out to Mt Tennent

To take in the first peak you do a slight, easily identifiable, detour from the main track -the blip depicted on the route map above.

Heading towards the first peak

From the first peak there are excellent 360 degree views, including of local suburbs and Mt Taylor to the east with Black Mountain Tower easily recognisable in a northerly direction.

First peak on the Urambi Hills summit walk
Looking north across Kambah suburb towards Black Mountain (with its tower)
The Brindabellas from the first peak
The main peak from the first peak with Lake Tuggeranong to the left in the picture

From here it is a short walk (about 250 metres) along the rolling ridge-line to the second/ main peak, marked by the ubiquitous trig point used across Australia, particularly in urban areas, to mark hilltops.

The track towards to main peak
Urambi Hills main peak

From here there are great views south towards Lake Tuggeranong, Tuggeranong town centre and Namadgi National Park.

Mt Tennent looking across the Murrumbidgee River valley
Lake Tuggeranong with Tuggeranong to the right
View to Mt Taylor from the main peak

Having soaked in the wonderful views I made my way back to the start of the walk via the same route that I had taken to get here, leaving out the first peak this time round.

Heading back to my car – Mt Arawang in view

In terms of facilities, there is a seat at each summit but nothing else. Dogs, on a lead, are permitted in this reserve.

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22 thoughts on “Urambi Hills Summit Walk

  1. Those are my kind of peaks! That looks the most stunning walk, Albert, and your photos make it look so inviting. The views are wonderful, I could spend all day gazing across at the Brindabellas and Mt Tennent and all those fabulous land features. Strangely, the photo of the track up to main peak did remind me of Ivinghoe Beacon in the Chilterns – that view up to the summit is very similar, but sadly it’s not surrounded with the same breathtaking scenery as your version! Lovely to see another corner of your world. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good to see you are back blogging, Albert. I liked the view out to the mountains with Lake Tuggeranong in the background the best I think. Good to know that dogs are permitted in the reserve too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Amanda, I have taken a bit of a break and plan on slowly restarting blogging again – probably a bit haphazard to start with. I appreciate you picking up on this post… I am not sure which view I like best – hard to pick.

      Liked by 1 person

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