The Shoreline Walk is a popular and easy four kilometres return lineal walk along part of the western foreshore of the Googong reservoir, within the Googong Foreshores reserve. Rather than return via the same route I continued along Shannons Inlet (otherwise the turnaround point) until I connected with the management track and the Western Foreshores walk and used that track to complete my walk. This added nearly a kilometre to the walk’s length and sightly increased its difficulty but it let me walk through, and enjoy, an area of open grassland with sweeping views of the countryside, the reservoir and the Queanbeyan escarpment to the east. It also gave me a less picturesque view of suburbia housing in Googong village, off to my left, as I approached the end of the walk. Give yourself at least an hour and a half to enjoy this walk.

The trail head for the walk is in the Foreshores car park, in the northern part of the Googong Foreshores reserve, itself about 30 kms or half an hours drive from Canberra city centre. There are toilets and a boat ramp here (only sailing boats, canoes, kayaks and boats with electric motors are permitted on the reservoir) as well as a few free bbqs, ample place for a picnic and lots of car parking space.  Note that the reserve is not a 24 hrs park and that the (northern) gates don’t open until 8.00am and are locked again at 6.00pm in non-daylight savings time and 8.00pm in daylight savings time.

Shoreline walk No.4 – I connected with, and returned via, the northern part of walk No.6 – (Western Foreshores walk) – so essentially the circular route at the bottom of this sketch map

The walk starts just down from the toilet block and the path to Shannons Inlet, about two kilometres distant, is mostly single file and skirts the reservoir just above the high water mark, a mark that has sadly not been reached for many years. (*See Footnote at the end of this post). Right along the walk to Shannons Inlet I had great views out to the reservoir and the Queanbeyan Escarpment running along the eastern side of the reservoir. The escarpment is home to the excellent though much longer and significantly more difficult Bradleys Creek walk.

Trail head in the Foreshores car park
Single file track up from the reservoir. I really liked this cloud formation
Looking across the reservoir to the Queanbeyan Escarpment

While hardly necessary, there are lots of directional signs along the walk. Additionally, there are few well positioned seats should you require a rest or just want to linger over the view. Tempting though it may be, especially in summer, swimming in the reservoir or Shannons Inlet is prohibited as this is one of the main drinking water sources for Queanbeyan and Canberra. Swimming is permitted in the Queanbeyan River, downstream from the dam – head to the Downstream car park and picnic area.

One of a few seats ‘with a view’
Approaching Shannons Inlet

On reaching Shannons Inlet, rather than turn around I continued on upstream along the creek.

Shannons Inlet looking upstream
Shannons Inlet looking out towards the reservoir
Continuing upstream in Shannons Inlet the track became a little wet underfoot in parts
Shannons Creek quickly narrows as you move away from the reservoir

After the best part of a kilometre I popped out onto the management track, turned right and proceeded up a relatively steep hill (the only significant incline on this walk) taking in the sweeping views as I did so.

Management track having just turned right on exiting Shannons Creek
Along the management track
A view back along the management track
View from management track down to the reservoir and across the the Queanbeyan Escarpment
Passing the residential part of Googong Village on my left
A final view of the reservoir before heading down the the car park

This is a great walk with good views for not to much effort – the way I like them!

*Footnote – I undertook the walk for this review back in August 2020 (mid winter). Last week-end I did another walk in the reserve and noted that the reservoir was basically 100% full, after the significant springtime rainfall we have had. Though I didn’t visit this part of the reserve I can safely say that the water would then have been at a level very close to the track along parts of this walk.

This is my last Queanbeyan review

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