Well, surprisingly, yes they do and the purpose of this short entry is to thank everyone who is following my blog and reading entries as I post them and also those who just pop in every now and then and read an entry, or a dozen. Every visit is a greatly appreciated.

I am additionally prompted to write this post as in August 2019 I achieved, for the first time, monthly views of just over 5,000 ( to be precise 5,070). I know many readers, who also blog, will have monthly views far in excess of this and others will have less but, given the nature of my blog, my generally erratic posting, and the quality of my missives this is an amazing achievement for me, particularly given my modest following of 264.

I am particularly grateful to those who feel inclined to, or have the time to, ‘like’ my entries and/or comment on them. I truly value this as it provides on going feedback on what I am writing. Suggestions for improvement and the bringing of factual errors to my attention are also appreciated.

I look forward to your continuing support and should you enjoy a post,please share it with your friends so that they do not miss out!

A few statistics for those interested.

Total Posts

1,136 (at 3 September 2019)

Most popular locations read about

North Korea 2014 Trip and 2018 Trip (I still have lots to add on the latter)



Flam – Norway


Ascension Island – Mid-Atlantic.


Most viewed individual posts

Mine is bigger than yours – The Flagpole War! (DMZ between North and South Koreas) *

The Great Hall Tapestry – Parliament House (Canberra, Australia)*

The Joint Security Area & Meeting Rooms (DMZ between North and South Koreas)

Left Luggage in Flåm (one of my shortest posts – perhaps that tells me something?)

*Linked to / referred to my international newspapers of some repute (if I say so myself!)

Top locations of viewers/readers

United States
United Kingdom

Thank you.

36 thoughts on “Does Anyone Read my Blog Entries?

  1. You might remember, I always return visits to those who comment. I hope you’ve stayed well in these trouble-filled times, Albert? Hopefully we are all moving on. 🙂 🙂


  2. Have just discovered you -by accident. As an expat from P.N.G enjoyed your stories about the place. Have memories myself wish I could put them in print like you.
    , would love to share some. Family lived in P.N.G from 1912 on and off and diaries written.Samarai, Goroka (good memories of the show and loved the market!) Port Moresby and other places. KEep writing.Do you want some stories? V.Sparks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – thank you for visiting and great that you have enjoyed the limited amount I have written about my time in PNG. I really would love to write more before memory starts failing so thank you for the encouragement to do so. I would love to read of your memories too and that of your family from 1912 … You would have some amazing content and really should write it 🙂 Do you have a blog?


      1. You’re welcome, Albert. It’s as well to reflect every now and then. That’s what I’ve been doing recently, and I hope you’ll join me on my new quest. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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