When many people think of North Korea, due to propaganda in the press, sensationalised blogs/ other social media and other biases and preconceptions they often think only of a wicked dictatorship now in possession of nuclear weapons and readying itself to take over the world while its people are brainwashed, starving and sent to gulags and re-education camps for the most trivial of offences or no offence at all. A growing number of people believe that the best way of dealing with these problems is to blow North Korea of the face of the earth.

Such people should take a step back and realise that what we are really talking about here is a nation of 25+ million people. The vast majority of these people are normal and good people – equal to any in the world. They smile, they cry, they work and they play. They are not the demons with horns and tails that some imagine.

I did not go out of my way to specifically take photographs of people on my recent trip to North Korea but on going through my photos I have many, a small selection of which I attach here. Referring back to the title of this review I assure you these are real undoctored photographs of ordinary fun loving people. Specifically, I did not have to remove their horns and tails before sharing these pictures with you!

My lead picture was taken in 2014 and depicts a father and his two children enjoying a night out at a fireworks display. I took all the other pictures (below) in September 2018.




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11 thoughts on “No Horns Or Tails Were Removed – A Pictorial Review

  1. Great collection of photos. A few seem to go against what I have been told is allowed, e.g. showing people doing manual work (the guy with the heavy load on his bike) or poorer people such as the one with the ox cart. Did you ‘sneak’ them or have the rules been relaxed a bit?

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    1. They are what our western guide termed ‘Accidents’. Photographers in NK seem to be pretty accident prone at times. Your assessment of a couple is correct! . None denies there is poverty. There is debate at to who is responsible.


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