Ok, it’s the Time Walk and not the Time Warp but the name did remind me of Rocky Horror!

The Time Walk is a very interesting and rather unique presentation of the history of Cooma and the Monaro District from Aboriginal times to the present day, though with a concentration on the last two hundred years.

The area and its history is displayed via 40 one metre square mosaic murals each one depicting a particular feature or historical event.

Aboriginal History
Mount Kosciuszko
Snowy Mountains Scheme
Sheep Industry
Local Wildlife
Snow Sports in the Snowy Mountains

And some more:




The hand-made mosaic representations were created from Italian coloured glass and ceramic tiles by local artist Chris Graham and students at the local TAFE College to commemorate Australia’s Bicentenary in 1988, that is 200 years since the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Sydney in 1788. You can see more of Chris’s work right here in Cooma at Nanny Goat Hill Lookout and the Cenotaph – the military diorama.

Certainly worth a look if in the area.

Address: Centennial Park, Sharp Street Directions: Running along side the Avenue of Flags.

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