In a separate review, on Willowvale Rest Area just outside Balranald, New South Wales, I have pointed out that the biggest issue facing long distance drivers in Australia is fatigue. There is only one solution to this problem and that is to stop driving and rest. On our regular 1,200kms trips between Canberra and Adelaide Andy and I swap driving at regular intervals. While those in the know say you should pull over and rest every couple of hours we often change drivers more frequently than this. Our bodies tell us when it is time to stop and have a rest.

In addition to changing drivers we also like to get out of the car and stretch our legs from time to time. While there are abundant rest stops and small townships on or just of the highway these can get a little boring and they don’t get you away from the traffic and its noise.

Returning recently from Adelaide and seeking something different to our usual stops in Balranald (roughly half way point in our journey) we opened up Google Maps and came across Yanga National Park just a few kilometres east of Balranald. While the Park with its old homestead and walking trails is worthy a days stop (or more if you have a tent or caravan) in its own right we didn’t have such time so decided to just venture down one of the dirt roads – Yanga Siding Lane – from the Sturt Highway and have a half hour or so stop and stroll by Yanga Lake, lined as it is by ancient and decaying river red gum eucalypts.


Wow! What a lovely spot – as I hope the pictures attached attest to.


The Park is noted for its wetlands and bird-life though we didn’t see any birds due to our untimely mid-day visit. I certainly did enjoy the tranquil beauty of the area under the wonderful Australian Outback sky – well away from the highway.

I will write a fuller review on the National Park and Lake when I have made a more substantial visit.

If travelling east, grab a sandwich or whatever from Balranald (I recommend the Balranald Bakery or the new café at the tourist information centre) and enjoy it by the lake. Note that there are no facilities along this part of the lake – so it’s sit on the ground or on a log and pee in the bush unless you bring your own facilities!

Getting there – Yanga Siding Lane is about 12 kms east of Balranald  along the Sturt – turn right heading east. I cannot recall if it is actually signposted – I suspect not – though it is marked on Google Maps. From the highway to the lake is a couple of kilometres along a dirt track. The track was in good shape and suitable for two wheel drive cars (drive slowly) when we visited in October 2018.

This is my last Balranald review.
To start reading at my first Balranald review click HERE


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