If you have an Iphone or an Ipad and plan on using public transport in Sydney (and various other Australian and a few US cities – though I have only tested it in Sydney) you absolutely must download this app and use it (along with the other must have – an Opal Card – (see my separate review)).

While the ad free version of the app is cheap and has a few additional features (more useful to a resident) I settled for the free version and it fully met my needs and the ads were not at all obtrusive or annoying.

While I feel that already having a general knowledge of the layout of Sydney and its transport system probably helped me a bit it is not necessary especially when it comes to ferries, light rail and trains where the options are more limited. If using it for buses ensure you look at the route on the map included prior to deciding on a particular bus as you could end up on one that travels miles to get a few hundred yards down the road.

The app gives you access to live information and you can actually ‘see the bus coming along its route’ towards you. The accuracy of this is dependent on the accuracy of the vehicles tracking device and satellite connections so do keep your eye on the road as the bus may have passed your stop before it arrives at it on your ipad/iphone!

The app can be used for planning your next journey, seeing where the nearest bus stop, train station etc is as you stand in the street together with a list of buses etc next departing from it or any other stop you select.

Another nifty feature is that alerts about traffic disruptions and service changes are automatically shown as relevant to your position/chosen route.

Once you are on the bus, train, etc you can track your journey to firstly ensure you are on the route you wanted to be and secondly to ensure you get off at the right stop.


All in all a great app. It saved me so much time and worry in addition to being fun and easy to use. The images attached are courtesy of the NextThere’s ITunes app page because I am to lazy to take and upload photos of it on my device!

I imagine there would be apps available for other devices but will leave that to you to investigate as applicable.

Since I started using this App the Opal Card App has vastly improved and is probably now as good as this NextThere.

This is my last Sydney – TRANSPORTATION review.
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