Located in Cleland Conservation Park, Waterfall Gully is home to the largest (18m) of seven waterfalls in the park and is a lovely spot to visit, in itself, from Adelaide (10kms) or as a base for a very popular 4km (each way) walk to Mount Lofty summit (see separate review). Even if not walking the whole way to Mt Lofty summit I recommend you at least go up to the top of the first falls and perhaps as far as the second falls (about 500m).

Facilities at the Gully include free parking, restrooms and a Swiss chalet lookalike café/restaurant (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

Getting there

13By car or taxi (or walk down – track picture alongside- from Mt Lofty – which can be reached by public transport). If you use a taxi pre-book it for your return trip. Car parking can be difficult especially at weekends due to limited spaces and the popularity of the walk to Mt Lofty summit.

Contrary to what you may find written elsewhere there is no bus service to the Gully – closest stop is approximately 4km away necessitating a walk along a windy, busy, footpathless road though admittedly through a nice area of the city.

View from restaurant/kiosk
It is purported in various places that you can sit on the café balcony and admire the first falls (picture 1 taken from another location). Vegetation growth actually precluded this on my visit. This does not take from the quality/usefulness of the restaurant/kiosk.

Opening Hours
The gates to the Waterfall Gully car park are open 6am-7pm Monday to Sunday, and 6am-9pm Monday to Sunday during the daylight savings period.

Admission Fee – Free

Address: End of Waterfall Gully Road
Directions: Transport details as above

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