Certainly not on the regular tourist circuit, Torrens Island Market is tucked away in the middle of no-where – through an industrial wasteland though only 30mins from Adelaide CBD. Its relative isolation means it is authentic, local and as such the place to go. A word of warning though – there are no stuffed kangaroos, cuddly koalas, gaudy boomerangs or other tacky tourist paraphernalia here (not that readers of blog would be seeking anything tacky!).


This local growers open air market, located on the banks of the Port River, is a combined fruit and vegetable market and fish market of around 40 stalls of the former and a half dozen of the latter though the volume of seafood on sale does vary with the season and the time of day. The seafood is sold on a small floating jetty where the fishing boats moor. You won’t find fresher than this – even the pelicans waiting in the water by the jetty know this!

Nice fresh bread and other bakery produce, olives, oils and eggs are also available. While you can get a coffee – you drink it on the run – no seating area – though if it’s a nice day sit by the river.


Prices are very good here but quality does vary so pick your own and check carefully. You will notice great banter between the sellers and buyers – both of whom have been coming here for years.

Something different and worth the drive – a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.

Opening hours: Sunday 6am to 1pm (Go earlier rather than later especially if you want to see the small seafood area in full swing).

No entrance fee.

Location note: Despite its name, the market is not actually on Torrens Island but has a view to the island, with its power station, across the river. That said you do follow the signs for Torrens Island out of Port Adelaide and turn of to the left into Moorhouse Road before crossing onto the island. Around 5kms from Port Adelaide and 30 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

Moorhouse Road
(via The Grand Trunkway)
North Arm

At this stage this is my only Adelaide – NORTH AND NORTHEAST SUBURBS review.
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