Adelaide City Bikes (Run by Bike SA) is a FREE bike hire scheme available to everyone every day. The scheme is an initiative of Adelaide City Council aimed at achieving a cleaner and greener city.

Bicycles are sturdy machines – certainly not designed for speed but they will get you around the city or along the coast. Bicycles can be ridden anywhere within the city limits – I recommend a ride along the banks of the Torrens River (including to the coast), the Parklands Trail and along the Gulf St Vincent.

I am glad to see that since I originally wrote this review the number of locations where you can get a free bike has increased to 26 (Dec 2017) and now includes a number of beach side locations (great riding along the Gulf St Vincent). Bicycles are not available if the forecast temperature is above 38 degrees centigrade.

To hire a bicycle each cyclist will need to leave either their driver’s license, passport or Australian proof of age card as a security deposit. You get your document back when you return the bicycle to the same location that you hire it from.

BY LAW you must wear a cycle helmet (provided). A cycle lock is also provided free of charge.

Classier bikes and multiple day hires are also available (at a cost) from BikeSA – the organisation that operates Adelaide City Bikes. You might want to consider one of these if embarking on one of the longer rides I refer to in my seperate review – Cycling In Adelaide – General Review.

One warning on the free bike scheme though – If you a get a puncture, or a more significant mechanical failure, it is your responsibility to return the bike to the point of hire.

The website below provides additional information including hire locations and their hours of operation (this varies from centre to centre). A useful map can also be downloaded from it.

This is my last Adelaide – TRANSPORTATION review.
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One thought on “Get A Free Bicycle For The Day

  1. Some Swiss cities also have free bikes. I have used them in Zurich and Bern, but not in Geneva since they had to be returned by 7:30 pm so they couldn’t be used for getting home after the opera, for example.

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