A Daytrip Metroticket costs $10.20 and gives you a full day of unlimited travel on buses, trams and trains in the very large Adelaide area. It is valid to 4.30am the following morning. The Daytrip Metroticket is pretty good value if you are going to use public transport outside the free areas(see below). A 3-Day Visitor Pass is also available and costs $26.60.

A single peaktime ticket costs $5.40 (or $3.62 of you get a metrocard – the initial cost of a metrocard is $10, which includes a starting balance of $5). This ticket is valid for two hours. Other options are available.

Off peak travel (9.01am – 3.00pm Mon-Friday and all day Sunday and public Holidays) costs around 2/3rds of peak time travel. It is important to note that ALL day Saturday is classified as peak travel time in Adelaide! The Daytrip Metroticket and the 3 day pass is valid all day any day.


You don’t need to use paid public transport around the city centre, either walk or catch the free bus services or the tram (between the Entertainment Centre stop and South Terrance stop). Also consider a free bicycle for travel around the inner city area. That said the free bus service is not that frequent and has limited coverage so you may just want to use regular buses.

The Adelaide Metro information centre (on King William Street near the corner with Currie Street) has route maps and timetables for all train and bus routes. Pick up a free copy of The Metro Guide which explains the whole system and has maps of all bus routes. Route maps can also be picked up in Adelaide Railway station or downloaded from http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/Timetables-Maps.

Fares correct as of Dec 2017.

Website: http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/

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