A criticism often levelled against Adelaide is that it is a city of old people, for old people. When I first starting visiting to Adelaide, many years ago now, I subscribed to this view but as the years have passed I subscribe to it less and less. My more cynical reader might suggest (if he or she were not so kind) that this is due to the fact that I have aged somewhat and now fit nicely into sleepy old Adelaide!

To be fair there is some truth in this. Yes, I have aged, but Adelaide has got younger and has much to appeal to the young.

Twenty years ago I recall deciding to go and see a movie in one of the city centre cinemas. Friends told me that only old people went to the cinema. I went, and lo and behold there was me and about five ladies watching the movie – each one had a blue rinse. Nowadays, while the old city centre cinemas are sadly no more, the suburbs have numerous multiplex cinemas, some with 20 or more screens and are packed with young and old people. The city is awash with nightclubs, bars and restaurants and has excellent sporting facilities (though it needs to add to it cycle path network).

Gone are the days that when students graduated they took the first plane out to Sydney or Melbourne only to return with walking sticks and commodes 50 years later, if they did in fact ever return.

While Adelaide still lacks some of the vibrancy of Sydney or Melbourne (due principally to its smaller size) and the big world touring musical acts and theatre shows still, with the odd exception, bypass it there is plenty to do for everyone. It also lacks the traffic jams, crowds and the more tacky aspects of tourism found in those cities.

Notwithstanding the above, I am conscious that flicking through my reviews on this page you will find that the majority of them focus on historical aspects of the city and older buildings and churches. I make no apology for this as this is the focus I take when I travel. I just don’t want you to think that there is nothing more to Adelaide hence this review.

Just to prove that Adelaide does have modern buildings the images attached depict a few of the latest additions to the Adelaide skyline.

Picture 1 – The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Picture 2 – An office complex

Picture 3 – An apartment block

Picture 4 – Recently refurbished Adelaide Oval (sports stadium).

As you move around Adelaide do have a look out for the new as well as the old.

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