In addition to being the best way to get around “Walk the Port” is the title of an excellent walking guide for the historic area of Port Adelaide. The guide can be picked up at the tourist office/ visitors centre on the intersection of Commercial Road and St Vincent’s Street (from which the walk starts).

The guide highlights 38 points of interest along a very pleasant, level route of a few kilometres. As I have indicated on my introduction page the majority of my reviews here relate to attractions identified along this walk.

The majority of what I have not prepared separate reviews on are individual heritage buildings. This does not mean they are not worth seeing. Far from it, they set the scene and provide atmosphere for the whole area and the walk. The pictures attached are of some of the buildings I have not written separate reviews on -picture 1 above being the Sailmakers Building, 1864. They are in order you will come across them if you complete the walk in the sequence suggested by the guide.

The buildings along this walk are some of the finest 19th and early 20th century buildings in Australia and while I question the local council’s restrictive planning policy I do have to admit that it has helped protect some great building from the developers sledge hammer – even if it has, in the process, left the town a bit of a ghost town.

Unlike the much more famous seaside resort of Glenelg down the coast a bit, Port Adelaide’s history can be seen and is alive while in Glenelg almost everything is now left to the imagination and written descriptions on interpretative boards. For this reason I do not recommend people take the corresponding heritage walk in Glenelg. People rightly visit “overdeveloped” Glenelg for different reasons.

You may want to consider combing this walk with the pub walk I refer to in my separate tip – Heritage Pub Trail as there is a major overlap between the two walks.

You can cover all the sights with no entry to museums in one and a half hours but why hurry, spend most of a day in Port Adelaide.

Address: Crn Commercial Road and St Vincent’s Street
Directions: This is Visitor’s Centre / Tourist Office and where the walk commences – though you can start anywhere you like if you have the guide / brochure.

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One thought on “Walk the Port

  1. Definitely more my cup of tea than Glenelg, and far more photogenic!

    The pace at which you are currently adding entries has defeated me in my efforts to keep up 😉 I will therefore be picking and choosing rather than attempting to read every entry!

    Liked by 1 person

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