Irrespective of how you approach Port Adelaide (the Port) you will see at least one of murals on either gable wall of the nine story old Fisheries Building, some distance before you get to the building.

70These and quite a collection of other murals, including the couple depicted in my 4th and 5th pictures below, were created by 22 local and international street artists in 2015 when the Port was transformed into an outdoor gallery as part of the Wonderwalls Festival (a festival which began in Wollongong, New South Wales in 2011) – a three day event where the public could interact with the artists. The murals have certainly livened up the otherwise drab walls of old warehouses, hotels and other buildings around the Port and are very much worthy a look.

More pictures and a map showing the location of the 2015 artworks can be found at My attached pictures are all from location 1 on that map – 293 St Vincent Street. All locations are central and can be visited as you stroll around the area looking at other sights. The map is also available from the Port Adelaide Tourist Information Office at 66 Commercial Road – in the centre of the Port.

Address: Various in Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide

This is my last PORT ADELAIDE review.
To start reading at the beginning of my PORT ADELAIDE reviews loop click HERE.  Alternatively to read about another location click HERE.


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