My review ‘Cycle around Lake Burley Griffin – General’ provides some general information on cycling around Lake Burley Griffin and in the ACT generally. It also provides details on the limited options for hiring bicycles in Canberra. If you have not already read it, do have a look at it before continuing.

This is a short 5km ride along a flat sealed cycle/pedestrian path around the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin. The only inclines on this ride are the ramps up from the lake to cross the Commonwealth and Kings bridges. These bridges give this ride/walk its other name – the Bridge to Bridge).

Unless I have my dog ‘in tow’ it is rare that I would ride this section of the lake as an activity in itself – preferring to walk it instead. As such, I recommend you combine it with the East Basin ride (combined length about 13kms) or, for a longer (20kms) ride, with the West Basin ride.

This path is rather crowded, especially on weekends, so don’t be expecting to get any speed up on this ride and please exercise care with pedestrians and dogs (which should be on leashes).


While the ride by itself is lovely, if you don’t extend it with the East or West Basin, I recommend you use it as a ‘base’ and veer away from and back to the main track skirting the lake, to visit attractions appealing to you within close vicinity. There are enough attractions along and within a km or so of this ride to keep you busy for days. You have to be selective.


Rather than detail all the attractions here I invite you to visit my ‘Walk around the lake – Lake Burley Griffin’ review which itself explains how to access my reviews for individual attractions.

If you fancy a coffee by the lake – outside seating only – there are two options – a mobile coffee shop near the National Carillion (the blankets provided on colder days are a nice touch here) and one on the other side of the lake by the International Flag Display. I prefer the one by the Carillion. Alternatively, nearly all the attractions mentioned in my walk around the lake review referred to earlier have food outlets ranging from basic coffee shops to more formal restaurants.

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