44I am not a fan of yiros and as such I rarely partake. So why am I writing a review on a Yiros eatery I hear you ask. Let me explain.

There is one occasion on which I invariably break this abstinence and that is on my roughly annual visit to Glenelg. I can’t explain why but when I’m in Glenelg I am habitually drawn to Makis Yiros.

Over fifteen years ago when I started visiting Glenelg it was somewhat of a culinary backwater and Makis was the only establishment that one would see more than a handful of people in. Today things have changed and Glenelg is full of eateries – they have virtually taken over Jetty Road – and they are full of people, certainly at week-ends.

Alas, dear reader I am not able to tell you of the quality of any of these other eateries as I make a beeline for Makis Yiros every time I visit. That said, after my yiros, I have been known to frequent the Royal Copenhagen ice creamery across the road or Andersen’s, a local ice creamery, a few doors up (away from the ocean) from Makis. I should add that given the size of the yiros an ice-cream immediately thereafter is somewhat of an indulgence as opposed to a necessity.

I have digressed.

While Makis are also popular for seafood it is the lamb yiros I (and his other discerning customers) prefer. Melt in your mouth chunks of freshly cooked lamb, none of this shaved stuff that seems like its days old, fresh salad and delicious tzatziki (garlic) sauce. Really not much else to say about it other than try it yourself.

The shop is owned and operated by Makis, as it has been for 20 years. At 60-plus years of age, Makis claims to be still able to take and fulfil an order in under 30 seconds.

Makis does not publish any opening hours other than “open to late” but he is well known for 110 hour weeks so you can probably work them out. He has a small dine in area, otherwise grab your yiros and head for the beach.

Address: Cnr Jetty Road and Moseley Street
Website: http://makisyiros.com.au/

This is my last GLENELG review.
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