Getting to Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is approximately 15kms from Adelaide city centre.

Unless you are driving yourself – bus or train services are convenient and recommended. Bus and train services are run by Adelaide Metro. For fares etc please refer to my ‘Bus, Tram, Train – Tickets and Routes’ review. For maps and timetables http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/Timetables-Maps.

Bus – Route number 150 is best from North Terrace in Adelaide City via Port Road. There is a stop adjacent to the tourist office in Port Adelaide – alight here. The trip takes around 30 minutes and services are around every 15 minutes during the day (less later in the evening).


Train – From Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace take the Out Harbour Line and alight at Port Adelaide Station. Train trip around 20 minutes (runs every 30 minutes – less in later evening) but note that from the train station to the tourist office is a further 10 minutes walk. Trains are exactly as pictured in the attached picture – small two carriage sets.

Taxi (one way) from Adelaide – North Terrace – $A30-$A40 – Peak Rates Mon – Friday (06:00 – 18:59) or $A35-$A45 Off Peak Rates (19:00 – 05:59 + Saturday & Sunday). Approximately 20 minutes. Even with 4-5 people the train or bus will be cheaper if perhaps less convenient.

By Car – from Adelaide City – Take Port Road and follow signs for Port Adelaide. Parking in Port Adelaide is relatively easy and free though time limited in some areas. Sunday can be difficult around the market/wharf area.

Getting Around Port Adelaide – by foot, its small.
Website: http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/

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