I actually stumbled across this rather unique war memorial while I was having a look around the newish Marina Pier, a multi-million dollar development of apartments, restaurants and a marina, on the foreshore, a few hundred metres north of the Jetty.

The Chorus of Stones War Memorial was officially opened on Sunday 4 March 2001 by Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove, Chief of Army.

The memorial is rather unique (certainly in Australia) for a number of reasons:

– It is not a memorial to any specified war or wars but rather it “commemorates all military conflicts that have involved Australian troops and support services throughout our nation’s history”
– The memorial has no roll of honour, no plinths and no statues
– It is not fenced in, cordoned off, or otherwise segregated – to get past it you have to walk through it
– You can (and should) listen to it.

38The memorial, designed by Anton Hart is composed of granite, bluestone boulders and the voices of South Australians who have served.

The centrepiece of the memorial is a polished granite disc depicting a sword, wreath and one simple word, REMEMBER. Around the granite disc are six large stones (in pairs) set into the footpath, one of each pair has an engraved word – loss, sacrifice and silence.

What makes the memorial particularly different is the speakers, set into the pavers, which play back recordings of the experiences of South Australian war veterans. The commemorative messages are played for four minutes every eight minutes, daily, between the hours 10am to 7pm.

I like it because its different.

Address: ANZAC Highway & Colley Terrace
Directions: Beach-side of the roundabout and just down from the Marina Pier which you can see in the background of my attached photos.

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