This review is in equal measure to acquaint my Reader with the rules pertaining to taking ones dog onto the beach at Semaphore and a little self indulgence to introduce my dog, Lucy, to you.

Semaphore Beach and all beaches north of Semaphore are within the Port Adelaide Enfield Council area and have the same rules in terms of taking your dog to the beach. Basically dogs are permitted on the beach anytime, without a leash, as long as you can control them except between 10am and 8pm in daylight savings time i.e summer (October to March).

The specific rules are – as per the Council website:

Dogs on the Beach

To ensure a consistent approach to dogs on the beach the following conditions apply:

Daylight Saving (October to March)

• Before 10:00 am dogs must be under effective control*;
• Between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm dogs must be on a leash not exceeding 2 metres in length.

Non Daylight Saving (April to September)

• Dogs must be under effective control* at all times

Effective control means your dog is close to you and can be controlled with voice command. If you don’t think you could call your dog back under distraction of other dogs or other people, please do not take your dog off lead.


If perchance you have a horse with you on holidays you can take it onto the beach as well, between the hours of 5am and 8am daily.


Further details on both activities can be found on the councils website.

Identical rules apply within the Charles Sturt Council area i.e. on the beaches south of Semaphore to Henley Beach and, as far as I know, similar rules apply on all of Adelaide’s metropolitan beaches – just check signs if in doubt.

This is my last Semaphore review.
To start reading at the beginning of my Semaphore reviews loop click HERE.  Alternatively to read about another location click HERE.


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