Since the arrival of the first train in Glenelg and then the tram this became “the” way to get to Glenelg from Adelaide. Catching a train or tram to the seaside was very much part of the experience and the day out.

While trains no longer go to Glenelg the tram certainly does and this remains the best way to get to the seaside resort.

I should point out that the old 1920s tram cars (see my separate review) have been replaced by brand new Bombardiar trams (late 2013) so if you read reviews, etc telling you the tram trip to Glenelg is a must do just for the opportunity to ride on an old tram the review is out of date. That said, I have read that there is a plan at some stage to introduce “new, old trams”!

The tram is part of Adelaide Metro so the same ticketing system applies. See my separate tip – Bus, Tram, Train – Tickets and Routes for ticket details. Tickets can be purchased on the tram (or from a machine on the platform at Glenelg only) using coins (not notes) or a credit card with pin number. Remember to validate your ticket as appropriate to the ticket.


Trams run every 10 minutes or so on weekdays and every 15mins or so at weekends and on public holidays though less frequently later in the evening.

For details of tram stops and timetable for this, Adelaide’s only tram line see:


Within Glenelg, though it is not really of much use to the visitor, you can ride to/from/between the first three stops for free. A nice freebie to experience the tram if you have driven here. Should you choose to drive, note that finding a car park in Glenelg on a busy weekend can be a pain in the derriere.

In Glenelg you can’t miss seeing the tram as it trundles up and down the main street – Jetty Road. The Glenelg tram stop, the last one on the route, is at the end of Jetty Road, within 50 metres of the sea.

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