For those into into such things, this is my 1000th blog entry. A big thank you to everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis or who pops in for a look every now and then. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

Emanating from the UK, as I do, and being of a certain vintage a trip to the seaside was never complete without a ride on the dodgem cars, the big dipper, a game of penny push and, especially when younger a ride on the carousel. How times have changed but, Dear Reader, I will spare you my moralising.

33While I am now a little old for the rides it is still a nostalgic treat to come to the seaside and see traditional rides and side shows still being enjoyed by today’s children – chaperoned by harried parents and grandparents clearly in need of a rest – just like how it was when I was a kid!

Semaphore doesn’t disappoint in this regard and in addition to dodgem cars, a water slide, a Ferris wheel, a mini golf course and a bouncy castle (plus other things) you will find, tucked away in a rather ugly looking shed (understandably necessary to protect it from the elements), a most beautiful carousel, a ride upon which is a truly magical experience for kids, young and old.

The carousel is one of Adelaide’s oldest beach-side attractions. It was built in the 1920s by the Bartel Factory in Adelaide and was one of the first electric powered rides of its type. It was originally located at Henley Beach but was moved to Semaphore in 1938 when the owner refused to pay the one shilling a year increase in rent demanded by the Henley Beach Council.

This beautiful merry-go-round has 40 hand crafted horses making it the largest carousel operating in Australia. Other carousels typically have only 36.


Opening hours

Summer 10am – 10pm. Outside Summer – Weekends, Public & School Holidays – 10am to 5pm.

Cost – Carousel

Single Ride $5, Four rides for $19.

Address: Semaphore Foreshore

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