I visited Voss for one reason only and that was to transfer from the Gudvangen – Voss bus to the Bergen Line train and continue my onward journey to Bergen.

As such we had less than an hour in Voss so not a lot of time to do anything. I suspect many people do exactly like I did which is a shame as on further reading there appears to be lots to do especially for those into hiking and cycling in what is the heart of Norway’s fjords. Voss is located between the famous Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Cycling around Lake Vangsvatne sounds especially appealing to me. Certainly things to consider for another trip.


In regards to the train station, it is modern, on the edge of the town and has all the basic amenities one would expect for a station of its size though, interestingly, no eating area but a large souvenir shop and pay toilets.

Nearly all buses to/from Voss stop at Voss Station.

Even if you only have an hour or less is worth stepping outside the station for a quick walk across the road to Lake Vangsvatne and the nice views to the mountains in the distance. If you are taking the train to Bergen, as we did, the train skirts along the northern shore of the lake on leaving Voss.

If time permits a wander down to, or towards, Vangskyrkja (Voss Church) which was built of stone in 1271-77 replacing an earlier wooden church and possibly an even earlier heathen temple on the same site. The church, which is still in use, is open to visitors only from 1 June to 30 August (Monday- Friday 10am to 4pm , Saturday 10am to 1pm and Sunday 2pm to 4pm). Entrance fee NOK15.

This is my last Flåm review.
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